Accessing the slopes

There are two options to access the slopes from the Village. The village lift, Lozagne, also known as ‘the lobster pots’, is easy to get to, but driving is also an option.

To get to the Lozagne lift, head left out of the Deer Lodge up the alley and then left up through the village. The lift is on the right just after the school. You can also get the bus to the Lozagne lift. To get to the bus stop, turn right down Rue des Bronziers, right at the end of the building, walk down the alley past the back garden, through the gate and then down to the lower road. The bus stop is on the right about 20 metres up the road. The bus runs at 25 and 55 minutes past the hour and the journey time is 2 minutes.

The Lozagne lift takes 7 minutes. At the top you can access the Vallandry and Les Arcs areas via the Peisey lift, and La Plagne via the Vanoise Express cable car.

If you drive, head up the mountain towards Peisey-Vallandry then park in the car park below Peisey-Vallandry and from there a short walk across the road and up the steps will take you to the new [Vallandry] 10 person gondola.

If you are planning on having lessons, make sure you book the ski school based on where you plan to access the slopes as there are two ski ESF schools, one in Plan-Peisey (top of the Lozagne lift) and one in Peisey-Vallandry, just above the Peisey-Vallandry car park.

Ski passes

The ski pass you need to buy depends very much on two things; your level of skiing/boarding ability and your ambition in terms of how much of the Paradiski you intend to cover. This latter part is also related to how long you intend to stay. The ski pass set up is a little over complex in my view but if I give as short summary hopefully you will get the drift.

If you are a beginner and booking lessons with the local ESF ski school then you will often get a free pass for the local (Vallandry) slopes as part of your package. Please check first when booking your lessons to avoid unnecessary cost.

If you are an expert skier/boarder staying for a week or more and looking to ski Les Arcs and La Plagne you are going to need a pass that covers the entire Paradiski (for which you have 3 options).

If you are an Intermediate or only staying for a few days you should probably choose the full Les Arcs pass with maybe a 1 day option for La Plagne. The following link will get you to the relevant information. There are variety of pass options with a range of extra benefits, only you can really decide what makes sense for you.

Also if you are a family look out for the family discount packs, they deliver good savings. And finally if you wish to avoid delays in the resort you buy online for local postal delivery. If you already have Les Arcs ski pass you can load this up online without any need to do anything in the resort.

Ski/Board rental
There are numerous shops offering ski/Board rental in the various parts of the Peisey-Vallandry sector, wherever you do rent pre-booking with Intersport on-line in advance will get the biggest discount. You then have 3 basic choices of shops you can access.

Intersport Peisey-Village. This is your local shop, so handy if you need any adjustments post hire and 100 yards from the Deer Lodge.

Intersport Les Melezes. This shop is just above the Lozagne lift which brings you up from the village to the slopes each day so is perfectly located. They also offer locker hire so you can collect/drop skis and boots at the beginning and end of the day which avoids the need to carry skis and walk in ski boots. If you want a locker pre-booking is essential as supply is limited.

Intersport Vallandry. This is the shop based in Vallandry, if you choose to drive each day and use the Vallandry ski school it might make sense to also rent in Vallandry.

All three shops can be accessed via:

Ski school

The local school is Ecole de Ski Francais (ESF) Plan Peisey, which is located at the top of the lift from Peisey Village just to the side of the main Peisey lift. Alternatively if your preferred route up the mountain each day is by car then book the Peisey-Vallandry ski school.

If you would prefer an alternative to ESF then options exist, the British run New Generation or for a small 3 instructor school which offers instruction, guiding and even Heliskiing